GENESIS: OkamaShip Into The Metaverse.

In the Okamaverse ecosystem, there are no central limitations, just unlimited expectations. By channeling energy into affirmations of unlocking potential, we can achieve any vision from the tip of an innovative pencil. By saying "ok, ama..." we build foundations for our visions and goals by releasing self-doubt and toxic hesitations.

In short, Okamaverse is a digital ecosystem built on a decentralized network. Functions within this digital space are written in public smart contracts which are immutably deployed on an Ethereum Virtual Machine (E.V.M) compatible blockchain. The ecosystem is not owned by a single entity once it is deployed; rather, it is owned by the ecosystem holders who participate in the decentralized network through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). More information is to be shared in due course..
Okamaverse is governed by organizations and communities that participate in innovative infrastructures being timely deployed into the ecosystem. OkamaShip is the first by the project to be introduced into the verse. The OkamaShip organization uses the ecosystem's digital currency ($OKAMA), which is generated by the ecosystem's commodity token ($MAKOMA), which is renewable energy. More information is to be shared in due course.
Due to the necessary funding needed to safely establish this verse, OkamaShip has stepped up to pre-launch communities through exclusive NFTs, which are set to join the ecosystem once it has deployed. As we look forward to the Big Bang, where 1,000,000 out of 10,000,000 units of $MAKOMA are expected to be released, 1,000,000 $OKAMA-A tokens are distributed to the first adopters of the platform. This will allow them to be the first to create OkamaIDs to acquire ownership of assets and start building experience, which is invaluable in the ecosystem. More information is to be shared in due course.

While we develop this verse, the vision of building a vibrant and distributive ecosystem keeps expanding. With a lot of insights to share, make sure to follow our social networks to keep up with the latest information.